Cloud Accounting Services

We are qualified accountants who in 2003 (rather naively) had a cunning plan to make accountants redundant by developing an online accounting platform that individuals could use to prepare their own accounts. Since then we have learned that the world still needs accountants....

We now offer the following cloud accounting services.

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Free Services - Getting Started

Do you still use a spreadsheet to raise and print your invoices? You could make your life much easier by using our free services...

This service is for individuals who are confident enough to prepare their own financial statements. There are absolutely NO CATCHES.

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Paid Services - Individuals

This services is for individuals who are NOT sufficiently confident to prepare their own financial statements. HOWEVER, this does not stop you from GETTING INVOLVED in your accounts, if you wish, as the more you do yourself, the less you will have to pay us (or your existing accountant)..

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We offer two options to Accountants. Firstly accountants (and their clients) can use this portal to prepare their financial statements.

Secondly, we can provide this platform to accountants who wish to run it under their own practice branding so that it would appear seamlessly as part of thier own website infrastructure.

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