Paid Services

You can register and use the services provided on this website free of charge.

The Accounting Made Easy online system is free to use and will enable you to prepare all necessary accounting, tax and VAT returns to run your business either as a self employed person or through a limited company.

To do this absolutely free of charge you do not get any assistance from us other than the guidance notes published on the website, nor will we answer telephone or email queries (other than those in respect of website errors or omissions - for example, regarding rates of tax - or observed Accounting Made Easy system faults).

If you need assistance, however, we offer the following services.

Setting up your Business:

  1. Incorporation of your limited company if required (£100.00 plus VAT).
  2. Opening the business bank account (£100.00 plus VAT).
  3. Application for the business to be VAT registered (£100.00 plus VAT).
  4. Registration with HMRC for the following: (£100.00 plus VAT).
    • Corporation tax service
    • VAT return service
    • Payroll/PAYE services
  5. Registered office address facility. Use our address instead of your home address (£100.00 plus VAT per annum).

Running your Business:

  1. Telephone helpline support charged at £1.00 per minute plus VAT (this equates to £60.00 per hour plus VAT for professional advice which, in our opinion, is good value for money).
  2. Email requests for support (minimum fee is £20.00 plus VAT for each email response except that a quote will be provided if the fee is going to be greater than £20.00 - see Note 1 below).
Reporting and Returns:
(usually £100.00 plus VAT per return - a quote will be provided if the amount is expected to exceed this - see Note 1 below.)
  1. Individual HMRC Self Assessment Tax Return (SA100).
  2. Company HMRC Corporation Tax Return (CT600).
  3. Filing of Statutory Accounts with Companies House.

The Budgeted Package:

Alteratively you can choose to pay a fixed monthly fee in advance in respect of the services under the "Running your Business" and Reporting and Returns" headings above. This would be subject to a minimum committment of 6 months.

Note 1. Quotes are calculated on a "time spent" basis at a rate of £100.00 per hour plus VAT.

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